REPORTING -- I am an experienced and versatile reporter who enjoys nothing more than wading through pages and pages of data or enduring marathon City Council goal-setting sessions. I am capable of taking complex topics and conversations and boiling them down into palatable, concise and eminently readable articles. 

STORYTELLING -- Everyone has a story that's worth telling. Literally everyone. And I love finding and sharing those stories with readers. I've connected with politicians, criminals, drug addicts, do-gooders, prominent philanthropists and people who collect replicas of farm implements. And each time I've learned something new, interesting and, occasionally, inspiring. 

COPYWRITING -- I write clean, accurate copy and I write it quickly. I don't believe in missing deadlines and my work ethic is newsroom legend. If you've got a complex, important story that needs to be written and only 15 minutes to get it done, I'm your guy. 

EDITING -- I've worked with several inexperienced reporters over the years, helping them learn how to craft stories that are relevant and engaging. I know how to place myself in the readers' shoes to determine what questions remain unanswered and what elements of the story are most significant. Plus, I'm really good at grammar and stuff.